Missed Appointments

We take missed appointments at Willowbrook very seriously as we have in excess of 200 per month, which is lot of wasted Doctor, Nurse & Phlebotomist’s time.

By not phoning in and cancelling unwanted appointments we are not able to offer these appointments to another patient to use.

Please always ensure you cancel your appointment in good time if you know you cannot attend – tel 01623 440018 – we have a dedicated cancellations option which is answered immediately.

Policy for Missed Appointments

Due to the large amount of wasted doctor, nurse and phlebotomist time that missed appointments cause, we regret that we must take the following action against those patients who abuse our service:

If a patient fails to attend two appointments in any six month period without letting us know, they will receive a warning letter.  If any more appointments are missed in the next six months the patient will receive a letter informing them that the doctors are considering whether they should be  removed from the practice list.  They may then have to register with another practice.